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Leaf Curl Prevention

The fungus Taphrina deformans causes deformed young leaves, red blisters and ultimately the whitish bloom that covers the leaf as the infection progresses. This can prevented by applying copper solution in late fall and spring.This white color is made of asci that break through the cuticle of the leaf. One ascus consists of eight ascospores that create conidia, which are ejected in early summer and spread by rain and wind. The fungus survives the winter on the surface of the host plant, such as on bark or buds.[2] In the winter, rainwater washes spores into the buds as they burst. Once this happens, no treatment is effective. In the spring, new leaves are infected by the conidia as the leaves emerge from the buds. The disease may not occur every year due to variation in temperature and rainfall. Specifically, for successful infection, the fungus requires cool and wet winters, where rain (not fog or dew) wets the tree for more than 12.5 hours at temperatures below 16°C